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Aggressive Ecig Sales

This is probably nothing new to a lot of you, but to me, it is and it’s crazy.

Tuesday, I logged into Skype on the account that I set up for this website. I had 1-2 dozen requests to connect. I accepted them all but I had a feeling they were sales people from China. I was right. Within minutes I was having conversations with people asking what I sell. When I said I don’t sell anything, there would be a couple of minute pause followed by, “what do you do”. I simply said, I write about ecigs. Then I would either get, “Oh. Ok.” or nothing. No big deal really. I cut and pasted my responses from the other chats. I guess they see the gear database, which looks like a shopping cart and assumed I sell products.


Chinese Triplets or funny business? 

I was on Twitter checking the feed and noticed I got 15 or so new followers in the last few hours. I normally follow back but saw something weird. I check the websites listed and read their short bios before following back. When I checked the list of my followers, I saw this.


But wait! It gets even funnier. All 3 of these accounts lead to the same website. I started looking at more of the recent followers and holy mackerel… 12 of my last 18 followers all have the same website listed. Here I am thinking I am getting “Vape Famous” on the Twitter and they are not real.


  1. Interesting read on the twitter followers, I haven’t thought much about my followers and usually just blindly accept. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.