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46 Days in and I’ve Saved Negative $496

I just downloaded an Android App from the Google Play Store called Vape. It’s a simple app to keep track of days since you started vaping, how much money you’ve saved and spent, etc. It also has some other features, but the ones I was concerned with is tracking my days and expenses.

I spent some time going through all my receipts and added them into the app and then I set my “quit date”, April 17th. It asked me how much I smoked and how much a pack was and after poking all that in… BOOM. Bad news. I am negative FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX DOLLARS so far.


The good news is that I have been smoke free for 46 days and if it was cold turkey, I would have saved $452 so far. The bad news is I have gone overboard already. The app has a nice feature that shows when my break even date will be but I am afraid I will buy more an authentic mod soon. I know that I am purchasing a Duke from DBLiquids soon too.

I already knew that I had spent a ton of money in the 1st month, I even posted about it. I haven’t added much hardware since that list. I added a couple of tanks and a couple other items for family members, but this list is pretty close to what I have right now.

  • Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0
  • 2 Innokin iTaste VVs. I bought one for my wife, she didn’t use it so I claimed it as my backup. One week later, she decided that she wanted me to leave it at home for here just in case. I bought another for my backup.
  • 2Innokin Leos for family members! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.
  • Innokin iTaste SVD
  • Stingray Mod clone
  • Sigelei 20W
  • 2 Kangertech Unitanks
  • 2 Kayfun Clones
  • 4 Kangertech Protank 3s
  • 2 Nimbus Drip Tanks
  • Aspire Nautilus
  • Approximately 20 Aspire BDC Tanks
  • 30+ Bottles of Juice


Oh, I almost forgot about the Vape Box.  That was another $22 to put together.

I could probably stop buying right now and be able to vape for months though. I am not complaining at all. I am super excited to be smoke free and I want my family, friends, and the rest of the world to know about vaping!

For a vaper on a budget, the “you can save money by vaping” is quite obtainable. I just went over board. I figure with B&M prices, you can get a new vaper into a Vision Spinner and a cheap tank for under $30. Throw a bottle of juice in and you’re at $40. I am going to guessimate that an average vaper would vape 5ml or less per day. So with a coil every week or two and 2 bottles of juice a week, an average vaper could ring up under $80/month. I might be off, but that seems about right. That’s still considerably less than you’d spend smoking.

I am vaping way more than I should and I have spent way more than I should have for as new to vaping as I am. I plan to give DIY liquids a try sooner or later to save some coin.

How much have you spent so far?