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100 Days Smoke Free


Hello Everyone. Just wanted to take a few minutes to brag!

Today is my 100 day Vapversary. Not a super memorable date, but it’s a good round number to brag about!


Instead of taking the time to write this again, I am going to steal my thank you post from my Facebook post I made on July 16th on my 90 day with some minor modifications!

Since 90 days smoke free is sort of a big deal for a 27 year smoker, I wanted to thank a few people.

Warning: This might sound like an over the time limit Academy Award speech, but I am serious. I really want to thank those that helped me get started with ecigs and those that have supported me in staying off cigarettes.

Todd Donk 1st and foremost. He owns Zooks Vapor and he is a long time personal friend. He tried getting me to try ecigs 3 years ago. He was the one that educated me the most before I made my 1st purchase 90 days ago. He suggested the MVP 2 for me, knowing that I was a person that goes hard when I decide to do something. In hindsight, I’d have been just fine with an eGo setup, but I am glad I listened to him.

Next, I want to thank Craig Sullivan. He is a contractor that I work with that was turned onto vaping by Haley Amber McElroy and Audrey Mitchell, who I am also thankful for. When I saw that Craig had gone 3 months without smoking back then, I decided to finally give ecigs a try.

Next up, thanks to Jonathan Cook, owner of Ikonic Vapor Tuscaloosa for selling me my 1st setup, I purchased the MVP 2, some extra tanks, and some juice from him… and lots of other gear and juice after that.

I wanna also thank Innokin Paul and Innokin Technology for making some of the great gear that got me started in style with quality gear!

Thank you Ikonic Vapor and Victory Vapors Tuscaloosa for being available to me locally for my vaping needs.

Thanks to the many great people I’ve met online through too. I’d list them all, but there are so many great people who I enjoy listening too.

I realize this is just 100 days and I’ve got a long way to go, but I am happy.  

Thanks everyone!


Here’s my arsenal so far. Not too shabby of a collection for a 100 day vaper huh?



  1. Hey Chris.. Congratulations!!!! HUGE accomplishment!! I’m very, very proud you found your way to be smoke free for 100 days! I’m also proud you didn’t give up and I’m proud of YOU! I’m glad I met you as a fellow Alabama vaper, and I’m happy to call you a friend. The vaping community needs more people with your ideals, conviction and dedication to being *united* front. Thank you for all the time you take to help so many others!!
    Happy Day 100!!! Sorry this is late.. I’m out of town, but didn’t forget your day!!