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The Whitler – One of the Best Looking Mods I’ve Seen

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I haven’t been around the vaping community long, but I have seen some great looking mods already. There are a handful of mods that I would love to spend money on, but common sense (and a wife) tells me I need to hold off on them. I resisted the urge to purchase one of my bucket list items directly from the maker yesterday even.


Well, I was out in front of the Atlanta Airport Hilton getting some fresh air yesterday when 3 people walked by me and one of them flashed a wooden mod. It was beautiful. I asked to get a better look and he was quite happy to show me. In fact, all three of them were happy to show me.



This is a new, custom mech mod made by Steam Cigs, a company that specializes in making beautiful e-pipes out of Lawrenceville, Georgia. From what the 3 owners told me, this company made 10 of these and they all sold at Vape-a-Palooza that Friday for $220 each.

These photos do really do the mod justice though. If you check out the photos, you’ll see a brass piece sticking out of the side a little. That is how you fire the device, but it looks like the bar that you press down to unlock a Buck knife’s locking mechanism.

After talking with these folks a few minutes, I headed back into the event and went to their table to compliment the maker. He mentioned that he was going to make more, but I can’t justify the purchase.

I decided to look them up today to see what I could find more information about this mod. Apparently the maker has a forum for e-pipe enthusiasts as well. Here’s what he said back in July about this mod in it’s design stage.

The 1st prototype is made and working! We have proof of concept.
I am going to change a few things in the design and work out a few bugs for the next model but so far so good. 
I can’t reveal any photo’s just yet but here are some current specs-
 The mod will be 3.5″ tall, 1 3/8″ wide, and 7/8″ thick. 
Double spine of brass with a lever action, single contact, brass side switch. Which will give it minimal load drop. No electronics whatsoever. These will be for the mech and sub ohm crowd.
Holds a single 18650. With fully floating and self adjusting center pin and battery slot. Meaning atties will sit flush and differing battery heights/ tolerances will not require spacers or manual adjustment. All springs in the mod are passive/ they don’t carry or transfer a load. 
both sides of the mod will be done in “knife scales” and the resulting look will be similar to the hilt or handle of a knife.

Then he started throwing out some pictures.

The Whitler3 The Witler4


Their website shows The Whitler is coming soon, but I think it’s going to be longer now considering that they sold all of them already.

The Whitler 2

One of the members of the forums has serial #9 in hand. I am not sure if it’s one of the 3 people I met outside or not.

The craftsmanship and unique look of this mod is top-notch! If you are interested in checking these out, hit Steam Cigs out on Facebook or their Website.


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I am a long time smoker that has gone Vapor! After smoking for 27 years, I put them down and haven't taken a single puff since switching to electronic cigarettes. I am saving money! My health is improving! Everything is getting better... and oh BTW, Ecigs taste so much better than cigarettes!

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