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vLog #1 – My YouTube History

Chris' vLogs Off 27

I am not a YouTube Pro, but I have been on YouTube since 2006. I was on there before there was money to be made, before most people could post videos longer that 10 minutes, and well… in its early days. Heck, I have been in on a lot of things well before others. I’ve been on Twitter since  October 2007 and I was on Ebay before they had a way to collect money from us (I probably still owe Ebay some fees still). 

In this 1st vLog, I just brag a little about having 5,000 subscribers back then. That’s nothing to accomplish today, but back then it made me feel important. It was fun, but that’s the past. Today I am just doing some YouTubing about vaping and I am not really pushing for numbers. If they enjoy what this fluffy old dude with a redneck accent has to say, they’ll sub.

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I am a long time smoker that has gone Vapor! After smoking for 27 years, I put them down and haven't taken a single puff since switching to electronic cigarettes. I am saving money! My health is improving! Everything is getting better... and oh BTW, Ecigs taste so much better than cigarettes!

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