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Joyetech eVic


  • This is the first e-cigarette with user upgradeable firmware.
  • Accepts 510, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C atomizers as well as tank systems such as SmokTech DCT/UDCT, Vision Vivi Nova, Vision Mini Vivi Nova, Vision style clearomizers.
  • The eVic measures roughly 4.8 inches long by .9 inches wide.
  • Weighs a mere 4.1 ounces with battery installed (no atomizer/cartomizer attached).
  • The eVic will recommend a voltage setting for attached atomizer/cartomizer.
  • Adjustable voltage from 3 volts to 5 volts & adjustable wattage from 5-11watts.  “Adjustable wattage will configure the voltage automatically”
  • Monitors battery charge level and will estimate available remaining usage.
  • Intelligent OLED display with easy to use jog dial for user selectable function selection.
  • Removable drip well cap for easy cleaning of excess liquids etc…
  • The Joyetech eVic electronic cigarette uses a single 18650 battery cell and will accept  “most” 18650 batteries.
  • Built in USB charging port, which also doubles as connection to your computer for the upgradeable system software and configuring the unit with the MyVaporRecord Software.
  • The eVics advanced user software tracks your usage which can be reviewed later using JoyeTech MyVaporRecord software. (Windows XP/7 only)  We have seen some compatibility with Windows 8.


The eVic features a new display system which makes changing your settings easily. It gives you the ability to set the number of inhalations, voltage, displays battery charge and more. Users can conveniently manage the functions of their computer with the MVR 1.0 management software.

The Vapor Intelligent Cigarette: The eVic revolutionarily adopts a visual operating system which is able to record and manage your vapor history. Meanwhile, it can realize human-machine interaction through connecting with a computer, and show you smoking information clearly. In addition, extra large battery capacity gives you the perfect vapor all day long.


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