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Is there a “Perfect Vape Setup” for you?

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Back when I was getting 3-6 new smartphones in to test each week, I would try to see that new phone I was testing at the time as my “Daily Driver”. It never failed that the phone that I actually purchased was that daily driver. Something new would come in, but after testing for a couple of weeks, I was happy to return to old faithful. I am finding this now in the Vape industry.

When I started vaping, I started vaping in the mid range with an MVP 2 and Kanger UniTanks and ProTank 3s. I wanted more and bought a Stingray Clone and a Dripper. The Stingray got a couple of hours use and I was back to the MVP 2. Then I saw the Sigelei 20W at a stellar price and jumped on it. It became my “Daily Driver”. I decided to give mech mods another go and ordered an authentic Sioux mod and Mephisto from Bama Vapors. I got it and loved it but after a week, I was back to the Sigelei 20W again.

I was seeing all these really nice looking, but expensive box mods and wanted one. I almost bought a Duke Mod from DB Liquids but didn’t want to drop the cash. Shortly after that, I saw a deal on the Hana Modz clone. I loved the looks of the Hana Modz boxes, but didn’t want to spend the money they were asking so when I had a chance to get the clone for $69, I jumped on it.

For weeks, the Clouper Hana Modz Clone with a Kayfun was my “daily driver”.

I got the urge for something new again and in a one week period, I got the Innokin 134 Mini, the Grenade Mech Mod, and another authentic mech mod… the Precise Simplicity 26650.

I used the 134 Mini exclusively for a couple of days and then the Precise Simplicity 90% of the time for a couple of weeks. I got frustrated with the maintance of dripping. Not the cotton changes or coil rebuilds, that part is easy. I was frustrated with the actual act of dripping. I was tired of getting juice on my fingers. Even though the big old TOBH I was using on it could hold a ton of juice, I still had to take the time to refill. I drive a lot and it’s a pain.

perfect2 perfect1 perfect3

For the last 2-3 weeks, I have been using the Cloupor Hana Modz Clone, a Kayfun Lite, and pretty much the same juice profile. This seems like my “Perfect Vape Setup”. I have the Kayfun’s coil built at .8ohms. I am vaping Mt. Baker Vapor’s Thug Juice and Hawk Sauce, Thunderhead Vapor’s Indigo Dream, and a couple other watermelon menthol flavors. This, for now, is my “Perfect Vape Setup”.

What is yours, if you’ve actually found it already?

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I am a long time smoker that has gone Vapor! After smoking for 27 years, I put them down and haven't taken a single puff since switching to electronic cigarettes. I am saving money! My health is improving! Everything is getting better... and oh BTW, Ecigs taste so much better than cigarettes!

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